If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner for sale with power, ready for commercial use and provides a clean like no other, then we have the vacuum cleaners for you.

Most individuals are familiar with vacuum cleaners that break down after only 6 months of use or stop working to its optimum performance.

Not our vacuum cleaners. Our vacuum cleaners are used in a range of commercial and industrial environments, including by contract cleaners, healthcare facilities and in the accommodation sector.

What makes our vacuums so effective?
The power of its motorised powerhead makes our vacuums some of the most efficient cleaners. Its powerhead brush agitates deep in carpet fibers or the pores of a hard floor surface. It penetrates through each fibre, unlike traditional barrel vacuums that skim the surface and pick up light dust and dirt that is only visible to the naked eye. Our vacuums are perfect for cleaning floors including Flotex or Tarkett where more specialised cleaning is required.

What’s the best way to operate a vacuum?
Although you can use our vacuum cleaners in any motion you require, the best way is to walk in straight long laps. Rather than going over an area several times or missing spots, going over a floor in large long laps allows for more ground to be covered in less time.

Do our machines help with OH&S?
Say goodbye to repetitive strains, and back and shoulder industries. The upright style of vacuum cleaners allows for the machine to do all the work, whilst the operator simply walks the machine along.

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