Steam and Vacuum Cleaners

Our steam and vacuum system is a unique technology. They all feature our patented, state-of-the-art boiler which produces “high-temperature steam vapour”.

Steam and vacuum machines are particularly ideal for industries such as automotive cleaning and commercial cleaning. Steam cleans and disintegrates oils, dirt and grime, and the vacuum sucks up any left over residue, dust and potentially airborne particles. Our customers can clean a range of areas and industries using just one steam machine.

Our steam cleaners are well known for disinfecting and through the power of steam and vacuum combined, it is a great machine for a range of commercial and industrial industries.

Take a look at some of our steam and vacuum cleaners below and click on the “get a quote” button to get information on individual specs, price and more.

Here are some of our steam and vacuum machines’ unique features:

  • Our machines emit high-temperature steam of +160 – 180 degrees Celsius depending on the model
  • Wet / dry vacuuming
  • Hot water injection and continuous steam
  • Stainless steel build – robust and ready for commercial use
  • Transportable due to versatile wheels.
  • Cleans carpets, hard floors, surfaces, equipment and a range of other applications
  • Regular service and spares support

Jetvac Junior

Jetvac Inox

Jetvac Compact

Jetvac Eco